Sega world... such a fun place to see that sonic preform on the stage but he had a strange smell but i thought it was just his Oder from the chill dogs he eats  but whatever me (you) is named Mike i once went on OMG facts and seen that Kyle the old night shift man went missing his body was never fount this was in 2015 but now its 2017 and Sega world closed but Sega museum is open and they need a night shift man for one night.... wait just like Kyles job i got employed and took the job just to see if its safe so i can inform everyone on how this job is like but the employment sheat said if you accept this job you may have to do five nights instead of one 12 am to 6 am and the place is like Sega world but it has a museum of games and animatronic including tails,knuckles and... the sonic from Sega world i know it was him because of the smell of sonic now im ready for this job but... what happened  to kyle.

developers: sonichacker,Greg Games

(still in development)