sonic hard mode by sonichacker/crawford233 on twitch Edit

By sonic hacker Edit

Welcome to my hack sonic hard mode this hack is sonic 1 but hard and i mean extreamly hard  plot robotnik turned all the rings into robots to ambush sonic note: game works of sonic 1 game engine no edits and the hack isnt finished yet also no special stages yet

now heres the comments

kazbricks (Posted at 05:13:12 24-08-2014)

No layouts. You violated the rules. SHUN! SHUN! OFF WITH YOU AND YOUR BIG THE CAT TROPHY!

MindReader (Posted at 02:44:15 24-08-2014)

Voted for the Big the Cat trophy. Obviously

Ultima Hawke (Posted at 20:11:49 21-08-2014)

I just... don't even... Big Trophy'd.

TheInvisibleSun (Posted at 20:53:16 19-08-2014)

Yeah! Lets all bash the bad hack and leave very few to no comments on the good ones!

Xeta (Posted at 20:28:42 19-08-2014)

All that and I don't even think he had permission to enter. Bad boy, no cookie for you.

Xeta (Posted at 20:27:10 19-08-2014)

The hack is badly titled and has a very unoriginal name, the description has massive amounts of extremely bad grammar, he turned all the rings into Badniks, and he doesn't take care of the glitched up pattern load cues. Big Trophy.

XtremerSadiqX (Posted at 23:01:46 18-08-2014)

Yeah sorry, this is garbage.

DumbLemon (Posted at 21:21:33 18-08-2014)

Oh boy. Where do i start with this 'creation'. First of all instead of making it hard he just makes that you have to roll/spin jump 24/7. For some reason to make it even 'harder' he puts down ring boxs. And last of all. His name is sonic hacker. Nuff said

wartomato (Posted at 19:45:06 18-08-2014)

...Please tell me you're just trolling and you made this entire "sonic hacker" account just for this joke. If you're actually serious about this... *Cries internally*

The only modification you did is the shitton of misplaced badniks. Big trophy for you.

Painto maniak (Posted at 19:08:58 18-08-2014)

The worst thing about this hack is that he makes it seriously, not just trolling ;-;

ThomasSpeedrunner (Posted at 16:58:03 18-08-2014)

What...what the's just Sonic 1 with misplaced badniks everywhere, including some which look bad due to the lack of proper PLCs, and on top of this it states there are visual changes when there really aren't.


Big trophy'd.

Bakayote (Posted at 16:51:26 18-08-2014)

You know a ROM Hack is bad when it can't even compete with ROM Hacks from 10 years ago.

Goldtex (Posted at 16:48:21 18-08-2014)

Hangouts on Google+ gameplay, bad screenshots, horrible grammar, and "sonic 1 game engine no edits". Icing on the cake.

DJaftershock (Posted at 16:32:05 18-08-2014)

If 1337 transferred it's awful pallette to level design, it'd end up close to this. I really hate this hack.

JakeXSpace (Posted at 15:30:25 18-08-2014)

I've played many diffrent hacks but never antything like this.  Is that supposed to be a troll only to get Big throphy???

Painto maniak (Posted at 14:47:11 18-08-2014)

Looks like now I know where will go my Big trophy vote...

EthanGames (Posted at 14:41:48 18-08-2014)


SHC 2014 LINK:

i will download it to my dropbox and soon you will have a link this was sonichackers first hack